Thoughtful Thursday – Finding Authenticity

Yesterday I introduced you to a little girl named Alice. Alice is a complete work of fiction. I made her up as well as the story I told about her. I must admit that when I was writing the story my youngest granddaughter was constantly on my mind. She has Alice’s determination, imagination and self confidence. The rest of the story just flowed from there. The moral of the story is that we must all just be ourselves…everyone else is taken. But knowing who we are and separating ourselves from public personas and the momentary perfection of Instagram and Facebook. And this is the intersection of life in which I am currently residing. Continue reading “Thoughtful Thursday – Finding Authenticity”

Being Alice

Alice was a peculiar little girl. She loved playing dress up, hiding from people only to startle them, and making up stories in her head. On the playground at school, she made up stories and acted them all out…by herself. Or she would pretend to be on stage in front of an imaginary audience. She didn’t fit in particularly well as the other children thought her to be, well, a bit strange.

It is hard to know if Alice knew how others viewed her. She was just busy being Alice. Some days she felt like a movie star and other days, she was just a regular eight year old second grade girl at Fartham Elementary School. She liked being different people on different days. Some days, in her imagination, she was a dramatic movie star. Other days she was a doctor, a tow truck driver, a fighter pilot or a ballerina. Who needed to choose?

One day Alice decided she wanted to be a girly girl and dress like some of the pop singers she watched on TV. Big hair, lots of bright clothes and jewelry. And makeup. Oh, how Alice loved makeup. Unfortunately her mom did not share her point of view on this subject. She had such archaic notions about matters of the world.

“You are not leaving the house looking like that” her mother said emphatically. Alice stomped off to her room to change. “No slamming of doors, young lady!” Reluctantly, Alice changed into regular school clothes and removed the fabulous bracelets and combed her hair into a respectable pony tail, then washed her face. “I guess now I am acceptable” she mumbled while walking back to the kitchen to get her lunch and backpack. Continue reading “Being Alice”

On The Outside

Today is a stay inside, wear hand knit socks and drink tea kind of day. I am snuggly warm. I know it is cold and wet out there. I don’t have to go out to know this. I sit here in comfort and still know. I’m on the inside looking out. It is a far different view than looking in from the outside, isn’t it?

Being left out is always painful. But is being left out always a bad thing? Continue reading “On The Outside”