A Well Dressed Bed

I am an all or nothing kind of person, who, when overcome by the sheer volume of anything, retreats into a shell of safety. The obvious result is that the volume of stuff that sent me into that shell, continues to grow exponentially while I blissfully hide, pretending to be unaware. 

Nearly five months into my new life and I am, slowly but surely, coming back into my own. During the Yarntopia years I was gone, or preoccupied, so much that my sweet Hunter-Gatherer husband assumed many of the household duties. When I cooked, he did the dishes. He would do some of the light cleaning and generally kept things running. He even started doing the grocery shopping. I didn’t feel good about this, but fighting was futile, so I gave in. I’m good at that sort of thing. So, now I’m home and I want to take the reins of managing the household and let HG go out into the world to slay the beasts and bring home the bacon.

This is all I have ever really wanted out of life. As a girl I can remember telling my mom that all I wanted to be when I grew up was a wife and mommy. I had no loftier goals than that. My mom always worked outside the home and generally she had some kind of business. I was the cook and housekeeper. I think I did so much of that domestic stuff as a kid that I rebelled against it in my early adult years. Some of my apartments were nastier than a college frat house (or so I imagine). But now, in my so called retirement, I am enjoying relearning the pleasure that can be found in a well run home.

Bedtime Story

By the time I went to kindergarten I had learned to properly make a bed. Back then this meant folding the bedspread over the pillow and neatly tucking the bedspread under the pillow. Today we use comforters, duvets, and hide our pillows with shams. For nearly all of our marriage I have left for work before HG. Being a salesman whose office is down the hall, he has never needed to be up and gone early. It was always easy for me to ignore the bed as there was a man still enjoying his beauty sleep. A habit developed and I became blind. 

Now, once he gets his body moving in the morning I am in there tightening those sheets and making the bed. He noticed. The other night when we went to bed, he told Maggie (the dog) that this is just like being at a hotel. That felt amazing. Is that silly? Do I sound like a repressed 1950’s housewife who is being held down by her domineering husband? I hope not because that could not be farther from the truth.

The truth is that doing that one little thing makes life more pleasant for both of us. It is a simple thing I can do for my husband who supports all my whims and lets me do pretty much anything I want to do, and also works hard so that I can live this life. The life of a housewife…the life I have always wanted. It is a small thing I can do to nurture the man I love. I see nothing wrong with that at all.

Decorating The Bed

So now that I have established a good bed routine, I really want a pretty bed – and this is where HG rolls his eyes. He wants comfort and good sheets; pillows and fru-fru just get in the way. I struggle with this more than any other decorating decision in the house. Is it too many choices? 

Polyvore is an amazing tool. You can access it from their website, or like me the app is easy to use and you can save your collections and then publish them to Pinterest or other social media. I’m so visual that having a virtual mood board really helps me, plus it is portable. All the images come from the businesses selling these items, so if you find something you love…you know where to go to find it and how much it costs. For me Polyvore is a great way to shop without spending a cent!

The above choices are all from Pottery Barn. I currently have the one in the center – but didn’t spend the money on a duvet insert from Pottery Barn and the lesser expensive one from Target just didn’t fit properly. So, now it is folded up awaiting a new insert…or not. I love the red one above it as well as the neutral in the bottom corner. It seems to me from looking at these that I’m drawn to paisley. I’ve never thought of myself as a paisley person, but maybe it is a way to have a variety of colors without being floral. 

Color Inspiration

Currently our bedroom is painted a nice shade of brown and the blue green color palette was chosen to complement some of the things in the room that have meaning to us. In addition to the art inspiration, I’ve always loved blue and green together. It goes back to the blues and olive greens of the ’70s. 

These prints are from a Texas artist by the name of W. A. Slaughter. My inlaws had these in their den as long as I knew them and when my father-in-law passed, they became ours. I love them and am considering moving them to our living area. I think the gold frames would look great against the grey of that room. Bluebonnets against green grass – every Texan worth their salt has at least one bluebonnet picture in their house; we have three.

This is the corner nearest my side of the bed. We love books and this is just one collection. The Carmel poster on the right (sorry for the early morning glare) is from a family vacation and has hung in my home since the ’80s. I love it as much as I love Carmel, California.

And last but not least, this is a highly cropped version of what is currently on the bed. Three quilts which never quite work right. Something must change and I have $300 in Pottery Barn gift cards burning a hole in my pocket. 

This another selection from Polyvore. I just kept clicking on things that struck my fancy without editing as I did it. Interesting combination, don’t you think? I have moved to gray as the wall color in most of the house with a deep gold in the dining room. We had the bedroom painted about seven years ago and that doesn’t really need to change. I think any of these options would look great with the walls and several have gray in them which would tie our room to the rest of the house. What do you think? The top left is from Pottery Barn….and I do have that money just waiting to be spent…

I’m off to do my Monday grocery shopping and run a few errands, and who knows, I could detour through Pottery Barn!

~Until Next Time


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