Weekend Vacation

Cocktails & Pizza

Sometimes it is important to just get away and do stuff that is completely out of the ordinary; doing it with people you love doubles the fun. That is exactly what I did this past weekend.

My husband had to be in Dallas for business, so I took the opportunity to go up and spend time with my brother and niece. This was an every summer event during my niece’s formative years. After her parents divorced I would spend a week with them; she and I would do crafts, manicures (which later evolved into spa days), cooking and just hanging. She is super special to me.

Friday afternoon was “Bro-time.” Just me and the younger brother hanging out and catching up. It is always fun. The plan was to go out to eat Vietnamese food but by the time Audrey arrived we were two cocktails in; pretty soon it was three for us and two for her so we ordered pizza and stayed in. Nothing like pizza to soak up the excess alcohol. Lots of laughter later, Audrey and I departed for our girl time.

Living Vicariously

I know I am an overly proud aunt, but I think my niece hung the moon and the stars. I guess because I know the back story, seeing the woman she has become is so heart warming. My brother did an amazing job as a single parent. Though he didn’t raise her alone, his stable influence in her life is a huge contributor to who she has become.

I did not go to college and though my brother did, he was a commuter student. When it came time for Audrey it was very important to him that she have the chance to go away and have the full college experience. She did and I got to go along to move her in and experience it with them.

Now that she is a young professional building a wonderful life, every now and again I get to go join her in the fun. While I never want to go back to being single or starting over, as a vacation it is fun to pretend. For me it is very carefree and makes me feel young.

Wining and Dining

It felt like all I did for two and a half days was eat and drink. I drank more alcohol during this time than I generally drink in months. But, isn’t that what a vacation is all about? A chance to do things and indulge in ways that in normal life circumstances would either kill you or at the very least render you catatonic.

While we never had so much to drink that we were truly incapacitated, having cocktails everyday is quite the departure from my coffee and water routine. But oh my! Everything was so tasty.

Audrey is a foodie. Her mom, who loves sweets, never met a really good chocolate she doesn’t love. Audrey inherited this love for food and has been cooking as long as I can remember. Her blog, The Glutton Diaries is filled with creative and delicious recipes, most with an Asian twist as that is her passion.

Here is a montage of pictures of our weekend dining extravaganza.

Ricotta Toast with Heirloom Tomatoes
Japanese Fried Shrimp Curry
Crabcake Benedict with Roast Potatoes
Pimiento Cheese Fritters

All Good Things Come To An End

Eating like this would not only kill me, but the food and experience would no longer be unique. As delicious as all this was, I consumed so much over a short period of time that I was actually miserable by the end of nearly every meal. That’s never a good thing.

The important lesson I learned and must to apply to my life is this:

The first bite is always the tastiest.

Savor things in small quantities, one tiny bite at a time. Then there will be room for lots of tiny bites spread out over days and years. Sounds like fun, don’t you agree?

Have a wonderful week, and go have some fun!