Whimsy For Life

I have been accused of having a “pie in the sky” personality. I’m sure you know this kind of person. We tend to live in our imaginations, feet dangling just off the ground and floating with the prevailing breeze. There are many other words that could be used to describe us…flighty, wish-washy, eclectic, fickle…the list could go on for days. Which, of course, led me to do a search on thesaurus.com to see what other words there are to describe us. Here is what I found.

I am absolutely delighted with this list. Oh, sure there are things there that none of us really want to have as our go to description. Empty-headed seems rather harsh as my head is NEVER empty – actually my problem is just the opposite – unbalanced, unsteady, and volatile are also ones I would scratch off of my list of personal adjectives. But, wait! Look at what comes immediately after volatile. Whimsical. Now who wouldn’t want to be desribed as whimsical? I promise, I did not look up this list prior to naming this blog.

How did the blog get it’s name? Please don’t laugh when I tell this story. Right hand in the air as I promise that this is truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

One of my other wild ideas was to have a business making things with yarn I make myself and crochet. This business was to be called The Woolen Hook. When I decided that was NOT going to be my purpose in life I still wanted to use the beautiful leather journal embossed with the initials TWH. So…and I’m sure you see where I am going with this…I began searching for blog names with the initials TWH. After innumerable word searches and pages upon pages of possible combinations I arrived at The Whimsical Hen. 

At first I wasn’t sure what this blog was going to be about. I have started then stopped writing so many blogs because they were so theme based that when my interest changed, BAM! The blog became personally irrelevant. This time I was determined to find a name that could flow with my personality. Something that would truly be an extension of who I am. 

I read articles and made a Pinterest board to be sure I was thinking of everything as I began this new adventure. I was going to be a writer! My idea was to write a lifestyle blog for women over fifty living a carefree retired life. The problem was, that despite being over fifty by a decade, I don’t live an interesting retired life. I barely leave the house most days.

And then it happened. I got bogged down in the “theme” and the details overwhelmed me. All those experts said a successful blog should have certain things or no one will read and certainly there is no way it could ever provide me with an income. I over thought it until I was in a state of paralysis. Analysis Paralysis, as my friend Drew told me. 

Have you ever done that? Please say yes so I won’t feel like some kind of alien life form – yes that was an intentional ALF reference. 

I vacillate between periods of immense clarity, direction and productivity to being frozen like one of those pillars of salt from Sodom and Gomorra. I stop looking forward and instead I look back at one of my paths not completed and get trapped by “I really want to be good at that, if I just try a little harder.” I see what others are doing and wonder why my work, which is just as good if not better in some cases, does not sell or why I am not as successful as the next person. I believe it is because I am trying to light, navigate and create my path instead of following the one laid out for me from the beginning of time.

So back to our word study. Is it really so bad to be birdbrained or impetuous? I see it as being open to adventure, going new places, experiencing new things, and getting the most out of life. The key is where is your heart and who is lighting your path? I know if I am holding the flashlight and navigating the path I will end up falling off the edge of a cliff. No, the light is there for me, I just need to look up to find it. And then I need to sit down every day and just write!

Until tomorrow…look for the light.