To me there is very little as beautiful as the glow of the Christmas tree in a darkened room. More dark rooms…I sense a theme. What is it with me and darkened rooms?

This picture was taken at night, but this morning I woke to a completely winter-like overcast sky, cold winds whistling through the barren trees and humming in my chimney. I poured my coffee, plugged in the lights and settled into my chair to write. This morning we are all sharing the same cozy view.

Comfort From A Cloudy Sky

My love affair with cloudy skies began in childhood. My mom, raised on a farm, told us stories of looking up at the clouds and trying to see shapes or animals in their fluffy beauty. Those days are great too, but I’m talking total clouds – a gorgeous gray blanket covering the earth, protecting her from what may come.

Just so you don’t think I am totally crazy, a little perspective is in order. I mentioned in a previous post I was born in Las Vegas. My years there, at least what I can remember, were filled with searing heat, bright, blinding sunlight, and banana popsicles. From there we moved to Anaheim, California. Not quite the intense heat and sun as life in Vegas, but near year round sunshine nonetheless. From there our life journey led us to deep South Texas, to the small town of Harlingen in the Rio Grande Valley. Farther south means closer to the equator equals hot, bright, and this time add in humid. We might as well been living in a tropical rain forest. It was like walking around wearing a wet blanket all the time. I was a very active, outdoor kid until this point in life.

I hit puberty about the time we moved to Harlingen. Hormones, body changes, and oppressive heat and humidity drove me indoors. I liked it there and so I stayed…really, I mean I rarely go outside anymore. I sit inside and look longingly, then remember how gross it is going to be, and I pick up my knitting or a book and stay in the air conditioning. God bless the person who invented refrigerated air!

Back to the cloudy sky.

I think that cloudy skies were so rare in my early life that when I did get one, or maybe even a rainy day it came to represent the things I hold very dear – things I think all people hold dear and seek to have in their own lives: comfort, safety, protection, nourishment, and a break from the stresses of everyday life.

It is also just that it was a change from my norm. We love to watch House Hunters International. It never fails, folks from cold dreary climates want to go to the sun. Come to think of it I don’t remember ever seeing anyone dreaming of living in a place where the weather is dreary and cloudy. Hmmm…I wonder if those folks find that paradise, with its one season and constant blaring sunshine looses its allure when that is the only item on the weather menu?

Change can be exhilarating or frightening. Not all change is by our choice; I don’t always get a cloudy day when I want one, but I have to make the most of what I have. Change what is within my power and leave the rest to God. Don’t let the fear of change keep you chained. Just like with cloudy skies, sometimes you’ll need to stay in bed and pull the covers over your head and other days you will be outside dancing in the sunshine.

Have a blessed weekend. We are heading a few hours north to visit my mom for an early Christmas celebration. See you back here on Monday.