The Breaking Of Bread

Happy Monday everyone! In this last full week before Christmas I am trying not to panic. I have not done any shopping for my daughter and her family. I am hoping that because I am no longer fighting for the same toys as all the other grandparents out there, I might be in luck. To prepare for the task ahead, I began my day with a guided meditation, some deep breathing, prayer time, and a rather feeble attempt at a yoga pose. Let’s just say, that if I can’t identify if my navel is moving up or down, I’ve got my work cut out for me.

In an unusual weekend post, I told you about our road trip to Tyler to have an early Christmas with my family. We are a small group but as children grow up and lives change, we welcome new people into the fold. Our family has gained two new members during the past year or so and this was the first year they both came to mom’s for Christmas. Mom’s house was filled with family, laughter, food and love.

My only regret of the weekend is that we didn’t get a family picture. We must do better. There was lots of activity, scurrying around and getting things all taken care of. Somehow the time just evaporated, and this experience should serve as a reminder to be sure someone is charged with documenting family events. Time is precious and short.

Of course there was a picture of Maggie!

One of our family Christmas traditions is to have a casual Christmas Eve dinner of appetizers – and now that we are all adults, cocktails – followed by my brother and I getting to open one gift before Santa came. This year was no different. Even though it wasn’t Christmas Eve, we all brought something so the meal represented everyone. It was fabulous!

With our newest family members comes different cultures and eating styles. We had some of mom’s traditional foods such a deviled eggs, sweet and sour meatballs, mini meat & cheese skewers, along with Korean dumplings, shrimp spring rolls, hummus, and a vegan spinach artichoke dip. Food is such an important part of celebrations and this was a great way for us to all have a place at the table.

The sharing of food is a sacred tradition, one of the most intimate things we can do together. If more politicians broke bread together instead of yelling at each other, I dare say this would be a much more harmonious world. Sharing food is sharing yourself. It is personal and it is both physically and emotionally fulfilling. I absolutely adore cooking for my family. So when we gather on Christmas Eve at our house this year, I will be continuing the tradition. No big sit down dinner for us. We will graze, laugh, open gifts, play games and enjoy being a family. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Happy Monday to all, until tomorrow….