Am I The Only One Who…?

This is my brain last night. This is my brain during the day. It is generally exhausting being me and living with me. I don’t mean to be overwhelming, and I try to expose as little of my crazy as possible, but sometimes it just comes flowing forth like lava from a volcano. My husband is a saint.

Can you relate?

Over Active Brain Syndrome

It seems there is a disease process for everything in life – I think it is all a conspiracy to sell medication or make money for lawyers. But that is a completely different mind map that I will leave for someone else to explore.

While, to the best of my knowledge, there is no such thing as OABS, all you need to do is do a search for “over active brain” and whoosh…..! Your screen is full of more information than you can imagine and most of it is best left to the medical professionals. Many of these articles refer to it as “racing thoughts.” My thoughts, like my body, do not race. They amble along at a comfortable pace. There are just lots of them. A constant stream flowing like many tiny tributaries merging into one large river. No whitewater rapids, just a babbling brook.

We Are Not Alone

Most of my life I have felt alone in my weirdness. I live in my little universe and assume that God made me like this and for some reason yet to be determined, no one else deals with _____________ (fill in the blank). For me one of the benefits of the internet and social media is learning that there are others who struggle with the same things I do. There are also folks who carry a much larger burden, and they also think they are alone.

The isolation of feeling alone, weird, unacceptable, ugly, fat, skinny, stupid, less than, permeates our society. I believe that as long as there have been human beings on this earth there has been social isolation. Two’s company, three’s a crowd. That is all it takes.

Finding Your Tribe

Sociologists and other learned folks spend a great deal of time telling us how social media such as Facebook and Instagram increase anxiety and isolation because we look at it and compare other people’s lives with ours and somehow we always come up shot. I am not here to dispute that but to suggest an alternative view.

I am sixty years old. Just this past year I discovered three folks on Instagram who transformed my view of myself. Their honest, humorous posts helped me laugh at the uniqueness of me while letting go of the toxic things I used to think. If you are interested in following them their Instagram accounts are @wheresmybubble, @thegraytergood, and @infjoecartoons. If living an introvert life isn’t your issue, do a hashtag search for whatever your thing is. You will find that the world is full of “weird” folks like you. That is your tribe. Select them carefully. Find the ones who impart a positive message and have grown through the tough stuff to lead happy lives. Learn from them and purge the rest from your feed and your life. Toxic people lead toxic lives and they drag everyone down the drain with them.

Healthy Habits

I received a gift over the weekend. I had previously downloaded an app called Calm but was too cheap to buy the subscription for complete access. One of the new family members I referenced on Monday gifted me with a year’s subscription. She didn’t even know I had the app! I have begun using it and I already look forward to the daily meditations and nightly stories. I’m working on the eating, exercising and all the other things that will help me clear my head and sleep soundly.

As for last night’s sleep debacle, I think I figured out the problem. Don’t drink ice tea and eat chocolate after 7:00 at night and trying to sleep at 10:00. That caffeine will getcha every time!

Have a wonderful Wednesday, I’ll be back tomorrow.