The Friday Before Christmas

‘Tis the Friday before Christmas and all through the town,

People are hurrying and scurrying, wearing a frown.

Checking the list that lives in their head,

Wishing they could just go home and to bed.

Fill the stockings, wrap the last gift,

I’m not stressed, not one little bit.

With a smile and wave, for both teacher and peer,

The children laugh and shout, “See you next year!”

Four days to go until the big day,

What will we do to calm the fray?

Bake cookies for Santa, and play a few games,

Talk to each other and no calling names!

Get plenty of sleep and food to eat,

To strengthen our bodies for the one we will greet.

Then finally, finally, the big night arrives,

The one that promises to change all lives.

Because Christmas is more than just gifts and mirth,

It is the time we remember one special birth.

The birth of the Christ-child, for those who believe,

Is what really happened on that first Christmas Eve.

We give gifts to each other as symbols you know,

Of the ultimate gift, sent to us, below.

So, prepare your heart, mind, body and soul,

For the One who came to make us all whole.

Be grateful, and kind, humble and bold,

As you live a life for all to behold;

For with each kind word and thoughtful deed,

You will plant a precious seed.

The world is full of such sadness and pain,

Hurt and anger, mistrust and disdain.

Just for one night, I pray and cry out,

Can’t we all remember what this night is about?

If I do my part and you do yours,

Who knows how wide will open the doors,

Of lives so isolated, sad and bleak,

Their hearts are hard and bodies are weak.

Maybe, just maybe if we gather with one mind,

Working diligently, lovingly, who knows what we’ll find.

A night unseen for centuries on end,

So full of hope we can’t comprehend.

And there before our eyes we’ll see

Something amazing, I think we can agree.

People not labels, kindness not greed,

Goodness not evil for all those in need.

A night of peace, love and joy,

That began with the birth a tiny baby boy.

The Night Before Christmas is familiar to most and inspiration for many different versions throughout the years. Today, as I prepare for having my daughter and her family come home for Christmas I offer a little something to think about as I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!