Travels Along Life’s Highway

As an introvert who no longer works outside the home, I have decided that Wednesdays will be my “get out of the house” day. I don’t require a great deal of social interaction to function as a normal member of society, but at the same time if I don’t schedule it I could stay home all day everyday and be quite content. This is my year of engagement, and surfing Instagram doesn’t count.

Normally my plan for Wednesday posts will be to do something interesting and then write about it the following week. Last Wednesday was the day after Christmas and I did nothing. Today is the day after New Year’s and the weather will not be cooperating. I don’t go out if there is a chance of flash floods. I’m funny that way.

So, today I am going to share my most recent road trip and the significant things that happened that weekend. Fasten your seatbelt, grab your favorite road trip snack and beverage; let’s go for a ride.

Celebrating Our Nuptials

The occasion was our twenty-ninth wedding anniversary and we just wanted a weekend away from the normalcy of life. I’m not sure how we chose our final destination, which adds to the mystical, magical, life altering experience it was. I don’t think we alone made the choice. I believe we had help.

The process began, like so many things in modern life, with a Google search. I knew the general region of Texas we like to travel, so I began looking for cool places to stay. It seemed that every place I found was already booked. I’m sure we could have found a free (travel points come in very handy) room at a La Quinta in most any town, but this was an anniversary. It deserves better. After many disappointing attempts I decided to find out what the heck was going on. Why was everybody and their entire family heading to that part of Texas on the same weekend as my anniversary.

Octoberfest. Hill Country Yarn Crawl. Need I say more? Not to mention October is about one of the prettiest months of the year to go most anywhere in this vast state. Why would anyone want to stay home?

I methodically investigated each small town, moving further and further west until I landed in Kerrville. Look no further, I found the perfect place to stay.


A fully restored 1953 travel trailer at the River Trail Cottages on the banks of the Guadalupe River in Kerrville. I have a Lucille Ball (The Long Long Trailer) type dream of traveling the country with a trailer. Just hubby, me and the dog, traversing the country and at least driving through all forty eight contiguous states. Since I realize the limitations of my life, I’ll settle for spending a couple of nights in this beauty.

Most everything in the interior is original and the furnishings were selected to continue the mid century modern theme. I have a thing for linoleum floors. They remind me of elementary school cafeterias, oddly comforting but real. I’ve always thought about putting them in my kitchen but the lack of resale value has stopped me from taking the plunge.

Our view from those flamingo pink chairs was the river. This photo was taken from the banks where I walked down with my spindle for contemplation and yarn making.


This weekend was transformative for us as individuals as well as a couple. First, as hubby nears the point in his life when he wants to retire – he could have done it a long time ago but enjoys the challenges of working – we contemplate what our lives will look like and where we would like to live. For the first time in our marriage, we reached the same conclusion at the same time. This in and of itself is amazing and a sign from God.

We have both lived in the greater Houston area our entire adult lives. This has been home. But the issues that come with living in such a large metropolitan area have begun to weigh heavy on both of us. A simpler life is what we long for. For the first time ever, we found a place that suites both of our desires and personalities. A place we could make a home for ourselves for the final season of life.

There is work here to be finished before we are ready, but the phrase “Go west young man” never sounded so good even if it is now “Go west you old folks.”

I’ll close out this trip with a few more photos of the highlights of our weekend journey. I hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

Seeing The Sites

Kerrville artists have a sense of humor.
Kerrville is home to James Avery Jewelry.
Anyplace that celebrates rocks as art is my kind of town.

Deer roam the streets and nap in yards. One person’s nuisance is another’s pet.
A cool coffee shop is a must; and the fact that Pax is so stinking cute doesn’t hurt.
Eating at this Mexican food restaurant was like being at Disneyland…and the food was delicious.
A blast from the past. We thought Gibson’s went out of business years ago!

Hiking Lost Maples State Park

Visiting Austin Along The Way

Hill Country Weavers is, in my humble opinion, the Churchmouse Yarn and Teas of Texas. For you nonknitters/yarn folks out there, that means it is fabulous. If you are a yarn person looking for a yarn shop in this part of the state you have many options. My other favorite is The Tinsmith’s Wife in Comfort. They are totally different, but I love them both. HCW moved into this beautiful new space a few years ago and I had not visited since that time. Because this was the day before the yarn crawl began (if you don’t know what a yarn crawl is…Google it and prepare to have your mind blown by the lengths knitters will go to for yarn) things were quiet in the shop but there was a definite buzz of anticipation. I was so happy to have the chance to visit while things were quiet and the shop was filled to capacity with goodies for the weekend shoppers.

This was the highlight of hubby’s weekend. This delightful young couple is Erin & Ben Napier, hosts of HGTV’s show “Home Town.” When the show premiered we watched because it was filmed in a town near and dear to hubby’s heart, Laurel, Mississippi. He was born there. His mother and her family were from there and it holds very sweet memories for him. We spent time there last summer and fell in love with the people and the town itself. So many memories of summers spent in Laurel with his grandparents, we relived them all. Erin and Ben have written a book, Make Something Good Today, and I discovered that a stop in Austin was part of their book tour. It just so happened that they would be there the day before we were to leave on our trip. I purchased the book and we made plans to leave a day early to be in Austin in time for the signing at Book People.

We found Erin and Ben to be just like they are on television – warm, engaging, funny, and just plain old adorable. We felt like we had known them forever. And that is part of their appeal. As much of a Fixer Upper fan as I am, I don’t feel like Joanna Gaines and I could be friends. She and Chip are adorable together but if I ever met her I think I would be star struck and tongue tied. Erin and Ben could have been our neighbors. Just sweet, ordinary folks with a passion and calling they are getting to live out in a way that allows us to come along for the ride. Such a joy.

Vision for 2019

I need boundaries to be my most creative. Without some kind of structure I get lost in the rapidly firing synapses of my mind. To help me with this I have declared a category for each day of the week.

  • Maker Monday – yarn, fabric, paper, home decor…it could be anything!
  • Taco Tuesday – Not just tacos, but I will share my cooking & eating journey
  • Wandering Wednesday – What I do when I leave the house
  • Thoughtful Thursday – What I do best – reflecting on life
  • Funday Friday – Finding fun, doing fun things, stories about fun things other people do

I didn’t get super creative with these categories. In fact I just flat out stole them from modern social media, but it is what I do with each day’s topic that will be uniquely me. No further clues will be given here. You’ll just have to subscribe to the blog and come back everyday to see what I am up to.

There should also be a link to subscribe to an email list. I’d love to be able to communicate directly with those of you who follow along on my little journey. I only plan monthly newsletters which will contain recipes, patterns for some of the things I make, and a sneak peek at my Etsy shop after it opens, and a code for free shipping for subscribers. You’re not going to want to miss that!

With that I say good bye. I hope you find fun in your day!

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