My Doppelgängers

I spend a vast amount of time playing with my phone and iPad. Although I can’t imagine life without this amazing technology, I have gotten better about putting it all down and engaging in the here and now. I don’t want to miss a moment that will never come around again because I had my nose glued to a device (so to speak).

So the other day while perusing Instagram I found a post by @therealjimparsons that led me down a rabbit hole of silliness. The results of which will follow shortly and prove that I have no sense of pretense or, some would say, pride. But, I had fun and I hope that if nothing else it will give you permission to not always feel like you must be “perfect” in public.

All I had to do was upload a picture of myself to find out which celebrity I look like. Ooh, this is just too irresistible. Jim Parsons was only about a 74% match to himself. Obviously not an exact science, but I found it amusing. I particularly enjoyed finding old or ridiculous pictures to see what happened.

Here are my results.

Most Current Selfie

It may only be 50%, but I’ll take those odds. Remember this face, you’ll see it again.

Of all the results (even the one below) I found this the most disturbing. I’m sure Meg Whitman is a nice enough person, but of all of the “celebrities” in the world would anyone want to look like her…or me? The I covered her forehead and just looked at the rest of her face and I could see it. Humbling.

As if I needed another reason to let my hair grow out. I’d rather having long grayish hair than short hair and have this as my doppelgänger.

Here we are again…sorry Ms. Mol. I’m sure I am not what you envision your 60 year old, chubby self to look like.

No opinion one way or the other. I’ve always loved this picture of me. I don’t know if it is the hair, colors or just the moment in life.

Oh, Vera…rather Brenda. This British actress stars in one of my favorite binge series. I love that even 33.7% of us is a match. I have described Vera as a British, female Columbo. She dresses in a very unattractive frumpy manner, but is brilliant. She always comes up with the answer in the end and the criminal never sees it coming. She’s quite cagey in that way. Love her. Love this match.

I decided to rumple my hair and take the least attractive photo I could. The results just crack me up! Love Maggie Smith…don’t want to look like her.

Love her acting, hate her politics, but I could certainly do worse.

A fellow Texan and wonderful actress. I love her comedic timing and sensibility. I’m ok with this one too.

And once again it is Ms Mol. I think it must be the eyes.





And last but not least…







To me, Valerie Bertinelli is the epitome of cute and adorable. I was always flattered whenever my parents would tell me she reminds them of me. Obviously you know enough about me now to know I could never see it. All we see is flaws when we look at ourselves. But they saw it and that was enough for me. I can’t even begin to see what the computer algorithms found to make this an 80% match…the orange in my scarf and her shirt? I have no idea, but I’ll take it! I’ve always been more interested in being the cute, funny, warm, endearing, girl next door type than a smoking hot sex machine. Good thing since God did not gift me with the body, face or personality to be a seductive siren. I love it when life works out like this!

Until next week, look up…embrace now…and have some fun!

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