Make It Mondays

Welcome! Monday’s from now on will be devoted to making stuff (Instagram: @sherylmakestuff), people who make stuff, things I make or want to make, as well as tutorials for the things I know a little bit about. I also have a long list of things I want to learn – brush/modern calligraphy, linoleum block printing, water color painting to name just a few.

I became enamored with the concept of the maker movement and really wanted to be a part of it. Sometimes I think I am too old as most of the folks who are really making waves in this area are youngsters. But that is a lie. One of many we tend to tell ourselves as we age. I love to make things but I am not a manufacturer. I have tried and failed because cranking anything out in volume just zaps my energy and creativity. So, my plan now is just to make cool stuff and add them to an Etsy shop and maybe participate in a holiday market or two each year.

A spring artisan market from last year.

Some of my earliest memories involve coloring, making doll clothes with felt, needle and thread, beading ornaments, painting plaster statues, decoupage, sewing, both by hand and machine, embroidery, needlepoint, crochet, knitting, jewelry making, lettering, drawing, painting. In fact, I don’t know that there is a crafty medium that I didn’t at least try during elementary school through junior high.

Yarn caught my fancy fairly early when I learned to crochet and knit with my Girl Scout leader. These are the crafts that I have always gravitated back to year after year. Crochet, in particular, is my comfortable cozy crafting space. And it is crochet that will be my first maker focus.

There is so much I could write about that it would overwhelm the non-crocheters out there. That is what the crochet page on the blog is for…as soon as I figure out how to make it work the way I envision it.

Why I Create

I can’t not create. It is like breathing for me. Everyday must contain an element of making of something. Making things soothes my soul and allows my mind to relax.

I create because it brings me great joy. As a yarn shop owner I had to make things so that I could sell yarn rather than making things just for the pure joy of making.

Not all making must be crafty – writing is another form of creating, as is cooking, decorating, baking, even coloring in a coloring book is a form of creating. Don’t think that because you don’t see yourself as an artist that you can’t create. We were created to create.

Why Yarn? Why Crochet?

Who knows why yarn and crochet captured my heart so early and held on for life. I love being able take a piece of string and turn it into something that makes my life better, prettier, more fun or more practical. My grandmother was a crocheter, and though I didn’t really know her personally I feel I am keeping a tradition alive.

Also, I am a child of the ’70s which was the golden age of modern crochet. Suddenly crochet was about more than doilies and antimacassars (small cloth or lace placed on the backs or arms of chairs or sofas to keep the furniture from getting soiled). Crochet became the vehicle for making clothing just like knitters. I poured over the magazines and dreamed of making all the things I saw. I was always about home decor more than clothes even back then, and it was the afghans that always struck my fancy.

I had to try lots of things before settling on crochet as my primary craft, and so should you. Take classes. Learn new things, step out in curiosity and don’t think about results. Focus on the process and if you enjoy it, learn more. If it makes you twitch abandon it and move on to something new. But above all, give yourself permission to fail, to try again, and continue to fail until one day…you succeed. Perseverance and joy in the process are key!

Creating a Home

My ultimate purpose for all the making I do is to create a home for me and my family. I love cute. I love decorating for the changing seasons and holidays. The perfect recipe for making things to accomplish my goal. And now I have an even bigger incentive.

After years of being undecided about how to use and decorate my daughter’s room, I am officially turning it into my “Whimsy Room.” Most of the time it will be my happy place – office, craft room, reading room, writing room, whatever I need it to be room. But, on occasion my three granddaughters come over and I want them to be able to feel the magic and whimsy of this room as well. The sofa was my mother-in-laws and it has serious sentimental value to my husband, and I must admit I love it as well. The little red dinette set was an estate sale find by my brother who knew I would love it. I have four chairs in the garage waiting to come in for a seating and working area.

The white tree is staying out. I’m not calling it a Christmas tree as it is going to get decorated for many holidays. The black hutch is due for a paint job and the red desk may or may not stay. I’m going to enjoy the process of transforming my little room. Today’s task is to wrap and pack the Christmas ornaments.

Many of the plans I have for this room include crochet. I am currently beginning a small throw in the palette of reds, pink, aqua, tan, gold, and cream. I love vintage linens and doilies so these will be well represented here as well.

More Crochet

As we end our first Maker Monday together I want to show you a some of my favorite ways of living with crochet.

I hope you’ve been inspired to create some beauty in your life and home. Just relax and be yourself, you can’t go wrong!

Until tomorrow, look up, embrace now, and have some fun!

4 thoughts on “Make It Mondays

  1. Sheryl,

    I’m glad you decided to blog again. You have a talent for writing, as well as you needle arts.


  2. These are all such lovely things, Sheryl! I remember (long ago) in high school we had to do a linoleum block printing project. I remember repeatedly (accidentally) stabbing my fingers with those tools. Not something I’ve ever cared to try again. LOL. But the other ideas sound fun. Hugs!

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