Wonderful Wednesdays

Last night, as I thought about what Wonderful Wednesdays would look like; I wondered, what would I write about, what is wonderful in our world today, how can I keep this concept fresh and interesting? I got a headache and went to bed.

Then this morning, as is always the case, I woke up, made my warm beverage of choice and the inspiration came.

Thank you, God! If there is one thing I know for certain it is that this blog and its content are divinely inspired. I know that I am on track with the words for the day when my fingers are flying across the keyboard and I feel a sense of lightness almost as if I am watching someone else doing the work. It is hard to explain, but the phenomenon is also known as being in the zone. Others might attribute it to many things – their muse, the stars being in the right alignment, or their own personal genius. I know, for me it comes from God.

So, back to wonder. The first thing I did, as always, was go to the dictionary for Merriam Webster’s definition of wonderful.

Wonderful – inspiring delight, pleasure or admiration; extremely good; marvelous

This is where everything ended and the headache began last night. As I sat in my living room I couldn’t think of a single thing that inspired delight or pleasure for me. Aside from the usual, husband, children, grandchildren, dogs, cats, nature, etc. What is really wonderful around me? Then I went to the internet…wow! What a big mistake that was. At this point my vision was already skewed a certain direction, so trying to find an inspirational, wonder filled story to share was akin to trying to see the dark side of the moon.

So, this morning, with fresh eyes while I was making tea, it hit me. Finding the wonderful depends not on what we see, but how we see it. We can go into our days looking for the bad, scary, offensive, gloomy, awful, horrific things in our world – and they are all there to see. Or we can make the effort to see with different eyes and find the wonder, the joy, the kindness and goodness in the people and situations we encounter in our everyday life. THAT is what I want wonderful Wednesdays to be about. The things that I see that spark a child-like sense of wonder and awe. Some weeks it might just be a photo or a quote or that feel good story I found and want to share.

What you see in this picture depends on your point of view. Some may glance and see a funny polka dot teapot and cup. Others might look a little closer and see something completely different. And still other might look up and see a less obvious but absolutely wonderful little surprise.

What do you see?

My challenge to you today is to find something ordinary and then try looking at it from a different angle. Take pictures of it from all perspectives then play with the picture – crop it, blur it, change the colors or make it black and white. What do you see now?

Maybe if we all practice seeing things from a different perspective we can start talking again instead of ignoring or yelling? And what a wonderful world that would be…

Until tomorrow, keep looking up, embrace today, and have some fun!

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