Fake vs Real

If there is one thing I promised myself I would do with this blog is that I would keep it real. We live in a world dominated by “fake news” and the last thing I ever want to do is to give the impression, to anyone who happens across this blog, that I have it all together and live some kind of picture perfect Instagram life. I’m just slogging my way through this life just like everyone else.

For some reason today I have been wandering around feeling out of sorts and out of place. It could be that I am operating on 6.5 hours sleep. I’m really at my best when I’ve racked up a full ten hours; working with quite a deficit here. Pardon the snark and attitude that could find its way out of my mind and onto the screen. Apologies in advance.

Since Thursday’s are for thoughts…I’m going to share a few of the random things that have occupied my brain today. Take them or leave them; use them as a launching point for your own aimless mind wanderings; or, come up with your own crazy list of weird things you think about.

  • I absolutely adore things that are old, scratched, dented, and with peeling paint. There is a story those things can tell and I want to know.
  • I avoid fake old things. I’ll admit when I stroll through a big box “home” store I am momentarily drawn to their version of vintage…but I really don’t like it.
  • I love cottages and other quaint, adorable homes that are loved and cared for. Again, I believe that their history is worth knowing about and saving whenever possible.
  • I hate that neighborhoods filled with those kinds of homes become overtaken by developers, forcing prices to go outrageously high thus forcing out current occupants or worse…the house gets torn down so that some giant monstrous edifice is built in its place.
  • I love small towns, cottages, downtown squares, small town diners, and old churches.
  • I love real people.
  • I don’t like folks who are overly impressed with themselves.
  • I love interesting neighborhoods.
  • I despise “master planned” communities that try to trick home buyers into thinking they are buying into a “farm” a European village or any other such artificial lifestyle.
  • I love painted front doors adorned with a seasonal wreath.
  • I detest deed restricted neighborhoods that don’t allow people to paint their doors!

Does anyone else see a theme here? This entire rant began with thoughts about belonging. Those thoughts led me to think about home and the future. Where will my husband and I live after retirement? Will my dream of living in a small town in one of those quaint, cute cottages ever come true. Would we fit in and belong there? Is this just one more dream that will never be realized because of fear of making a mistake? I don’t know.

But what I do know is that this earth is not my home, but while my body is here, Lord, I’d really like to live in an adorable, quaint, cottage in a small town. Thank you.

Until tomorrow…keep looking up, embrace today and go have some fun!

6 thoughts on “Fake vs Real

  1. 6.5 hours of sleep a luxury for me, lol..A feeling of belonging, IMO, is an essential ingredient to being happy anywhere on Earth.. There is this shell of a house for sale that I’ve been admiring( on Morgan’s Point). For some reason it’s construction halted before the interior work was started.. I would love nothing more than to live on Bayside ( in Morgan’s Point) amidst the peace, quiet, and history of those old homes… On a fixed income, don’t know how I can make that happen, lol.. This girl can take her daily walks there and dream though:-)

  2. I love your walks and photography. I agree with you on the belonging, it is an innate human need. I have a similar longing but not for a specific house, just the type I described. Our finances also will likely prohibit us from realizing it and so it will be up to us to create that environment wherever we are planted.

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