Civic Duty

Disclaimer: This is Tuesday’s post that never published. Please forgive the chronological confusion!

As I shared yesterday I have jury duty today. I am waiting for the process to begin and thought I would start an ongoing post, waiting for the end of the day to publish.

Sleepless In Fort Bend County

Diet Coke? Too much screen time? Anxiety? Whatever the cause sleep eluded me most of the night.

The truth is likely a combination of all of those things. It is going to be a long day.

I sit here watching a film about the fact or fiction about the courts, how jurors are selected and the historical context for this responsibility. It is humbling. And though none of us really want to be here, someone is counting on us.

Fellow Citizens

This is a very large room and it is filling up quickly. As I look around I see a true representation of my community.

There is a little trick I used to use to determine if several colors of yarn would work well together. I gathered them together, stood a few feet away and squinted. If the tone of one color drastically stood out I replaced it and tried again.

As I look around this room no one skin color stood out. This is a diverse community and through a totally arbitrary “luck of the draw” type system I sit among a true cross section of my little corner of Texas.

So often we make generalized assumptions about people based on where they live. I am experiencing hard evidence that it is impossible to assume knowledge based on one piece of evidence such as where someone lives.


All the preliminary work has been done and we are waiting to be divided into groups and sent upstairs for possible placement. I took the opportunity to take a couple of pictures.

This is a new building and quite beautiful in its modern architectural lines.

This banner caught my eye. Anything relating to fiber and history fascinates me.

Socks hold a specific fascination for me as they are my favorite thing to knit. It is eye opening to realize that women and children had to prepare and spin yarn prior to weaving fabric or knitting socks. Those are hobbies today, not necessities. I for one am thankful.

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