It is wonderful Wednesday and I’m discombobulated. I had lunch plans with a friend, but between the weather and a nasty headache, which I am hoping is nothing more than barometric pressure change, we moved our date to tomorrow. I have a free morning ahead of me and all I feel like doing is taking medicine and going back to bed. A decision I would only regret tonight when I struggle to sleep.

So, I am going to try to find the wonderful in this dreary day despite the rocky beginning.

First, I have to share the joy that is my youngest granddaughter.

This little imp goes to sleep at night listening to ocean waves with her purple fairy lights wearing a unicorn sleep mask while snuggling with a bear. She is the most adorable mixture of miniature teenager (she has 15 & 12 year old sisters) and little girl. Her Christmas gift list included makeup and stuff for her baby dolls. I love it! She is coming over this weekend for some alone time with us and I am working on activities as the weather will keep us indoors. I see crafts, cooking and manicures on our agenda.

The other wonderful news is that my car passed inspection! I am driving a 2004 Toyota Camry inherited from my father-in-law. Big John didn’t drive very much so I only have 136,000 miles on it and I know the engine on these cars is good for 200,00 or more.

I love cars and I really want another one, but there are financial issues to consider and a granddaughter who really wants this car next October when she turns sixteen. Well, let me rephrase that, she wants a Tesla, but she will take my car as it beats driving her mom’s minivan. So, we are babying it along hoping that nothing major goes wrong. The air conditioning system died a few months ago and fortunately cool weather soon followed. We live in the suburbs of Houston, Texas which is a hot messy swamp most of the year. I’m doing ok now, but in a couple of months when the temperatures start climbing we will need to get this situation fixed in a hurry. Mimi does not love to sweat.

So, here I sit, struggling to think of what to write next. I’m in my chair, wearing jammies, looking outside at the drizzle falling from the tree branches; birds flitting along the edge of the fence looking for a tasty snack; the sound of the clock ticking away the seconds of the day; Maggie sleeping soundly on a pillow next to me. Some days there contain more wonderful things than others and that is ok. We aren’t promised wonderment every day of our lives, in fact quite the opposite. For most of us today is a typical, just a regular day, doing our normal tasks. The secret is finding the wonderment in the ordinary.

And really, this is wonderful. I am warm, dry, fed, and content. I am blessed.

Until tomorrow, keep looking up, embrace today and go have some fun!

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