I Have Clean Underwear: It’s Gonna Be A Good Day!

I’m back! Well, at least I think I am back. It has been a real funk-a-dunk week here at Chez Means. This time last week I was sitting in a jury waiting room crossing everything I could cross and asking the good Lord to help settle these cases and get all 430 of us out of this germ infested incubator.

After nearly four hours, my request was granted. Then began a week of yuck and confrontation. But this morning I woke up with a fresh attitude, my feet don’t hurt – there’s a miracle – and I have one pair of clean underwear! A sure sign this day is going to be a winner.

I decided that since this day got off to such a good start I was going to change up my routine just a tad. Last week I had lapsed back into the bad habit of living in my recliner. And when I say living, I am not joking. Unless I needed to feed someone, use the bathroom or go to bed, I was in my recliner…with yarn…and tea…or coffee…all…day…long.

In full disclosure I have diagnosed anxiety and depression for which I take medication. Most days are really good and the world at large would never know what is going on in my brain. But when something does send me into a darker place I have learned that I just need to let some of it happen, analyze why, and work on not allowing myself to wallow. It is a fine line. As I have said before, my husband is a saint and allows the process to run its course. Usually, just when I begin to worry about myself, I wake up like I did today. For no particular reason I feel light shining back in and I want to get out of bed.

I know what triggered this episode. It wasn’t jury duty, although Mr. Sniffles sitting next to me exhaled germs, recognized by my immune system as enemy combatants, thus initiating all out warfare against the enemy invaders. The fatigue from battling an unknown virus contributed physical fatigue to the mental strife.

Clean Underwear

Another sign it’s going to be a good day happened when I managed to find one pair of clean underwear left in my drawer. When I say “drawer” I use the term loosely. Actually it is a hanging clothes bag system from Ikea, with a “drawer” in one of the compartments. It never really pulls all the way out without yanking the entire thing forward. The next thing that happens, if I don’t stop pulling, is all the clothes shoved into the little cubbies fall on top of my head. Sorry Marie Kondo – I’m not feeling the joy in my clothes storage system.

So instead of being able to look inside for underwear that will bring joy to my day, I stick my hand in a small opening, dig around, pulling up handfuls of some type of clothing. The assorted girdle type underwear – you know the special occasion stuff, an errant sock (do I put the sock back where it might belong? I don’t think I need to answer that.), a dryer sheet or two, and that one pair of slippery nylon, last resort pair of lavender granny panties that I only wear in extreme emergencies. Today was not such an emergency as I finally found one decent pair of underwear for the day.

Laundry Day

Most adults have a schedule of when to do their laundry. My schedule is no clean underwear…do laundry. At least I make the effort of sort and wash like things. There was a time I was so lazy I’d just dig a few pairs out of the hamper and do a “small load.” I was fooling no one. But I had clean underwear. For a few days. Then the cycle repeated itself.

In New Orleans Monday is traditionally laundry day – or wash day. The traditional meal on this day is red beans and rice. The red beans can’t be just any old bean that is red, no it must be Camellia Brand Red Beans.

When you go to their website, and you should, you must read the Bean-O-Pedia. There you will find “All there is to know…and more.” There is so much interesting information in the bean-o-pedia that I could get lost for hours. I do love me a big pot of beans. And the recipe page…ooh, mama! I’m going to try some of these delicious sounding recipes. There are twenty pages of bean and pea recipes along with cooking tips so you can make perfect beans at home. There is no need to ever buy canned beans again! Unless of course you are stocking your doomsday bunker. And that’s a whole different subject.

I’m Trainable

If I’m going to get a food reward at the end of the day, then I can make myself do most anything. I’m tired of living in a state of disorganization and dirty underwear. There must be a better way. I’m one of the least disciplined people I know when it comes to choosing fun over work. It is a flaw that I have lived with long enough to just own. Having a husband who comes home in the evening keeps me somewhat accountable. But not always.

I’m kind of a sucker for alliteration…Maker Mondays, Traveling Tuesday, etc. But after scouring a website called 3,000 Core Vocabulary Words without success, I went to thesaurus.com and came up empty. Machine Monday was the best I could do and that’s pretty lame. So, I’ll forgo the alliteration and just do like my New Orleans friends and wash on Monday. Put on a pot of beans and spend the day cleaning clothes then enjoying a good meal.

Since I’m already a day behind, I’ll start next week. Hmmm, where did I put my yarn? Time for some fun!

Until tomorrow…keep looking up, embrace today, and go have some fun!

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