Good China Day

I was hungry yesterday. I didn’t feel like cooking nor did I want a sandwich. It is a dilemma often solved in the freezer. Pickings were thin there as well due to my “eat fresh” philosophy. Drat! I want hot and fast but I don’t want to get dressed to get something. Then I spied my box of dumplings from Costco. Bingo!

While my little dumplings were cooking in the microwave I decided to have a cup of jasmine tea…seems appropriate. Then my mind went to the plating of my little meal and I remembered my adorable Japanese snack set my mom bought me several years ago. Generally they live in my curio cabinet, but today one was coming out to make my lunch a festive event.

These are hand painted and oh, so delicate. I was drawn to the colors and the scenes depicted on the cup and plate. I’m not sure when these were made, but I’m guessing post WWII Japan. All it says on the bottom is Made In Japan. I suppose they could be prewar as well.

Having a simple meal on such beautiful china turned the ordinary into something playful and fun.

The translucent quality of this cup is breathtaking. Each sip was a delight to all my senses.

Snack Sets Galore

A quick trip to Pinterest yielded a variety of snack sets from different eras and in styles ranging from elegant to whimsical.

I do believe I have a new area of dish ware to collect!

Everyday is a celebration and deserves the good china. Don’t save it for special occasions. Today is a special occasion!

Until tomorrow, keep looking up, embrace today and go have some fun!

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