Wonderful Wednesday With Maggie

Guest Blogger: Maggie Means

I knew something was afoot. Well, maybe not at first. Mom did what ever it is she does in that room where humans go and get wet, sit down for a while, and stare at the silver wall. When she came out, she said, “Want to go?” Boom. I’m there! I love going for rides in the car.

So, off we went. Me in my seat watching carefully and enjoying the ride. I never really know where we are going anymore. We used to go to work everyday. I sat in my chair watching for friends to come in to buy yarn. I loved my job. But now mom plays with yarn at home, we don’t get to go very often.

We were in the car for a long time. I got nervous. I tried to be brave and not shake, but I couldn’t help it. Nothing good was going to happen today.

When she finally stopped the car, I recognized where we were and what it likely meant. Shivering intensified.

We went into the house and there, waiting to play with me was my friend Belle. Freeway, Kana, and Nola were there as well as other humans who are really nice. They just aren’t my mom.

Belle and I chased and played, we all then had to go outside to take care of personal business. But when we came back in, mom said, “I’ll be back. Be a good girl.” Oh no. She’s leaving me here again! I ran over to the window to watch her get in the car and kept watching until I couldn’t see the car anymore. I cried. Belle cried. Belle didn’t know why she was crying but she was standing in solidarity with me. She’s a good friend.

I don’t know how to tell time. I don’t know how long she was gone. Belle and I played lots and we all slept together in the same bed. I got to sleep on a chair that used to be in my house and I waited.

Suddenly the door bell rang and all of us ran up to the door barking jumping all over each other. Surely this is mom? Nope…but it is the man that lives with me and mom. Where is she? Huh? Where is she? I don’t see her! I was devastated. I just knew mom would come get me. The good news is this man took me with him in the car. No mom in there either.

He starts talking. I didn’t see who he was talking to, but…wait…I hear mom. Where is she? I’m confused. I cried. I waited. It seemed like forever but suddenly I began seeing familiar things. I think I know where I am.

Yippee! We are home. Oh please let her be here. I ran to the door. Where is that slow man? Let me in! Key goes into the lock, the door opens…there she is! Mom! I’m home. After a game of chase, a little dinner and a drink of water, I jumped up on the chair, yup my pillow is still here. I checked the sofa, pillow there too. All is well. I laid down on my pillow and felt safe and comfortable. There’s no place like home.

Mom will be back here tomorrow. Hug your dog today.

~Maggie M.

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