Thoughtful Thursday – Finding Authenticity

Yesterday I introduced you to a little girl named Alice. Alice is a complete work of fiction. I made her up as well as the story I told about her. I must admit that when I was writing the story my youngest granddaughter was constantly on my mind. She has Alice’s determination, imagination and self confidence. The rest of the story just flowed from there. The moral of the story is that we must all just be ourselves…everyone else is taken. But knowing who we are and separating ourselves from public personas and the momentary perfection of Instagram and Facebook is a daunting task. This is the intersection of life in which I am currently residing.

I have spent the better part of the last twelve years concocting different online personas. I realize that sounds really, really creepy. Believe me it was all innocent and began with the website Ravelry, a social media platform (and so much more) for knitters, crocheters, spinners and all fiber art addicted folks. I had to choose a user name. Really? I get to pick an identity? The power was intoxicating.

Who would I be? The rebel: a crocheter in a knitter’s world? One of the crowd: knitter following all the famous designers? The denier: Oh, yes, I crochet but I’m really a knitter now. Well, now I weave as well, what is the commonality? Yarn. So I went with a more craft generic name: sheryluvsyarn. Amazingly someone had already snagged sherylovesyarn, This is where I remained for several years.

Now, in the beginning, Ravelry let you choose a name and then change it twice. Once a name is used it can never be used again, even by the original owner. I understand their position, yet once I had used all three names I was stuck. I was planning a yarn spinning business and I wanted consistency across all platforms, thus The Twisted Spindle was born. Since I was out of options with my original account, I just started created a brand new one! Insanity! Things were out of control. The dye was cast, so to speak.

And, in no particular order, here are a few of my logo designs.

These are just the logos I still have access to. This does not represent the ones that are lost in cyberspace somewhere. Now that I have closed and or rejected these business ideas, I no longer need those alternative identities. Well, maybe except one. There is one that is not a fabricated identity completely separate from who I really am.

As I uncover the layers and discover the real me, I find that this logo just seems to fit. It was designed for me. It is me and I am it. I have a deep sensory connection to wool and wood. Both are from nature and both can provide comfort, protection and warmth. That is deep symbolism to me.

This journey began in May of 2017 when I closed my yarn shop. I thought that was the perfect place for my combined loves. I outgrew the business model, but at the time it just felt like failure. The path has been long, winding, and rocky and I have not reached my destination, but I’m making progress. I’m not seeking perfection. I am seeking authenticity for myself. It is harder than it sounds.

To be continued….

Until then, keep looking up, embrace today and go find some fun!

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