Inspiration Not Imitation

I have never been a trend follower in any other aspect of my life, so why I felt the need to follow decorating trends is beyond me. Maybe I thought that if I found just the right decor my life would be problem free and perfect. Come to think of it, that is the marketing tool used for nearly all products, isn’t it? But we know better.

I made a new Pinterest board. I pulled pictures from my other boards as well as some of my own photographs to create Authentic Me. It was a very interesting process. So much of what caught my eye before no longer resonates with me. There is a refinement of my taste that I believe can only come with time and life experience.

My Business Influencer

Hopes Favorite Things

Hope grew up on a farm in Pennsylvania where she learned to appreciate the simple way of living. Hope’s love for all things handmade, timeworn and earthly inspires her to create from raw wool. She loves to wash, dye, spin, then knit or crochet homespun yarn into stylish accessories as well as encourage others to be creative.

One visit to Hope’s website will tell you everything you need to know about why I love her site, lifestyle and philosophy so much. I have friends who live about an away from her, and I am planning a trip to meet her and see her amazing shop. Since I don’t have a business outside of my home, I have dedicated a room to the thing that I do while dreaming of another fiber business.

This is the first photo I remember seeing and knowing that spinning was to be something special in my life. I have watched from Instagramland as she has built her business. It is all based on things that she loves and she has done it her way. She showed me it is possible to have a “fiber school” type business; something I have dreamt of for many years. I was not able to transform Yarntopia into that dream business. A clean break and time to re-evaluate and when the time is right, I will try again. I will not let go of the dream. Right place and right time, in God’s hands. To quote Field of Dreams – “Build it and they will come.” I believe that is true for my dream as well.

In the meantime I use many of Hope’s photos as inspiration for my home spinning room.

We share a love for sheep, wool, antiques, creating with our hands and sharing our passion with others. Enjoy these glorious pictures and then visit Hope on Instagram – @hopesfavoritethings as well as visiting her website.

My Interpretation – Baby Steps

I have started arranging my room. I have one piece of furniture to find. I want an old cupboard – shelves on top and cabinets below. Preferably quite worn and possibly from an old mercantile. I want the top to house books, tools, and my fiber related collectibles. The bottom would be general storage for the necessities that aren’t exactly pretty. Until then I make due with my IKEA shelves. This is what it looks like today, I will be sure to post on Instagram any updates and furniture changes as they occur.

This sofa is part of a set. The matching chair has been moved to the living room. I don’t know how old it is nor if it has ever been recovered. I absolutely adore it. Every time I think about redecorating, I wondering where this fits and if I should keep it. I simply can’t bear to part with them, and I really have a hard time even considering recovering them. So, here it is in all its yellow, orange and green glory. This is the wall I want the cupboard to go on, so the sofa is going to go into the living room with the for a small vintage nook under the window. The colors of the sofa and chair coordinate nicely with the wildlife prints we have hanging in there.

In the corner you can see my antique skein winder and my modern looking Ladybug spinning wheel. The desk belonged to my husband when he was a kid. I stripped off the old 1950’s finish and painted it white, then sanded most of the white paint off for to give it the look of being very old and well loved – which it is.

Here is the Hoosier cabinet all decked out with my tools, sheep, bobbins, and pottery. This makes my heart so happy. The antique spinning wheel is the first spinning tool I purchased. I didn’t even know how to spin when this came into my life. It belonged to a lady I went to church with at the time. She told me it originally came from Pennsylvania. I adore it but unfortunately by the time I knew how to spin, my cat had jumped over it, caught it with his paw and knocked it over, breaking some of the pieces. I have everything and really want to find someone to restore it for me. I’d love to use it.

Here is a close up of the Hoosier. My mom bought this in California and used it in her home decor and gift shop out there. She gave it to me when they moved to Texas. It has been in my home, in my business and now back in my home. My husband does not understand my love for it, but that’s ok. He doesn’t have to, he just has to respect that the love is real and it isn’t going anywhere unless we are going too.

Can you see the different between the inspiration and my interpretation? We don’t have to copy others. Take the bits and pieces and make them your own. I can’t stress enough the value of using Instagram and Pinterest as inspiration as long as you don’t get caught up in the “why can’t mine look like that” mentality. Remember, you are only seeing what they want you to see. It is smoke and mirrors, an illusion not reality.

We are uniquely created and that should shine through in all parts of our lives. There is no greater thank you to God, than to use what He has given us to express who we are and to make the world a better place. Go forth and be inspired!

Until tomorrow – keep looking up, embrace today, and go find some fun.

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