The Big Easy

Mr. Means is “just an old peddler.” He has spent most of his working life as an outside salesman. He can make his own schedule, travel, and spend time talking to lots of interesting folks. He has been with his current company for twenty three years and his customers are friends. On his most recent trip to Louisiana, I went along for the ride.

On The Road

I had lots of work I needed to get done and this was the perfect way to do it. Limited distractions and lots of time. To be honest, I was a tad anxious about just sitting in a car waiting for him to go in and visit with his dealers. I know how long these things can take. I had nothing to be worried about. Visits were short and I got to see parts of New Orleans I had never seen before. It really was a good trip.

Eighteen Years Later

I can’t remember exactly, but I think it has been that long since I have been in New Orleans. The last time was to attend a Mardi Gras ball for our friend’s krewe. A krewe is the name of the a social organization that put on in the parades of Mardi Gras. We had a blast, so why haven’t we been back? Well, to put it simply, life is the reason we haven’t been back. Running a business, raising kids and grandkids and just the rut of everyday life took its toll. Then there was Katrina. And, to be honest, it never really dawned on me to travel with him for business. It was business. This will not be my last trip. There is much I want to explore and see. I also enjoyed the time with Mr. Means.

This traffic circle is called Lee Circle. Unfortunately the statue of the person for whom it was named is no longer atop of this concrete column. It looks pitiful. I HATE the removal of historic statues. Teach history. Put up a plaque that explains the modern perspective. Do anything but destroy these symbols. Ignorance will only lead to repeating the mistakes of the past. I am now stepping down from this soapbox.

As we drove through different parts of the city, this is what I saw.

A giant metal rooster.

Mardi Gras beads hanging from trees and power lines.

Land space is at a premium in New Orleans.

This is a classic New Orleans landmark. It reminds me I need to reread A Confederacy of Dunces.

The French Quarter on a rainy evening.

Art on the esplande.

Drinking alcohol while walking on the street is legal here…just don’t do it in a glass container! The old guard is gone, but there will always be a dedication to jazz and Preservation Hall.

New Orleans Means Food

One cannot go to New Orleans without eating really good food. I, however, did not want to just go to the famous places. I wanted to find places where the locals eat; the Diners, Drive Ins and Dives type places Guy Fieri frequents. The problem was…too many places, not enough time. So, I will just need to go back.

Here is Mr. Means waiting for dinner at New Orleans Food & Spirits. We had a lovely dinner with a couple that began as customers and have evolved into friends. I have never eaten so many fried shrimp in my life. They were fabulous. The restaurant was filled with lots of happy people enjoying one of the things that makes New Orleans famous. It is such a happy town.

The next night we ventured into the famous French Quarter. haven’t been there in about eighteen years and much has changed…mostly for the good. We didn’t make reservations. It was spring break. So, it was either a very long or head back to the suburbs. We opted for something in the middle.

It had begun to rain, so we decided to wait for first come seating in the bar area of Brennan’s Bourbon House. At first I thought this named because it is on Bourbon St., and while that is likely the main reason, but the Brennan family took advantage of this and have a huge collection of bourbon on display.

There were so many bourbons on the menu I literally closed my eyes and put my finger down on one. If we had not been walking back to the car in the rain, I would have ordered a flight. Next time!

I love looking at the interesting architectural and decor items in the places we go. The lights and fans were all on a pulley system. I don’t know if they really did anything other than look cool.

This was our view during dinner.

At first glance there isn’t much going on in this photo. Across the street is a line of people, nearly a block long, waiting in the drizzling rain for their chance to get into Felix’s Restaurant & Oyster House. There is nothing I want to eat so badly that I would stand in line in the rain.

Next, notice the trash can. There’s a handle, so guess how one would go about throwing something away? We were highly entertained with people who tried to figure it out to make it work. I’m sure alcohol had an affect on this mind boggling dilemma.

Tomorrow…we travel to Laurel, Mississippi.

Until then,


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