Heart Art

Just as no two people have the same fingerprint, we all react to the world around us in unique ways. We all have a different ideas about what is and isn’t art. Different musical tastes and senses of humor. Thank goodness for these differences.

I spin yarn. Then I make things with my yarn. Sometimes I begin with the raw wool, dye it and then spin it. Other times I use wool that someone else has dyed and then make yarn. There is nothing mass manufactured. Whenever possible I buy wool from small farmers who lovingly tend their animals, carefully shearing them once or twice a year, making the wool available to fiber artists such as myself. It is truly a beautiful circle of life.

Most people think wool is itchy and don’t want it anywhere near their bodies. That is only because, back in the day, all we knew was coarser grades of wool used to mass manufacture clothing. Today, much work is put into carefully breeding animals for the best possible wool.

Not all wool is created equally. Not all sheep are created for the same purpose. Some sheep are primarily raised for meat. Some for wool. And some for both. The “softness” of wool depends on breed, how they are raised, feed, and loved. Stress has a negative impact on the quality of the wool. Think about how poor health and stress can affect our bodies, hair, nails and overall appearance. Sheep are no different.

I adore wool and have so much more to say about it. But for today I just wanted to share some of my art. People look at my little hearts and ask me “What do I do with this?” Must everything have a purpose? Can’t it just be? I love looking at the colors and textures; I love moving it around my home, tucking it into a little vignette somewhere just waiting to surprise me when I’ve forgotten it is there. It brings a smile to my face. That is its purpose.

What do you have in your life that just makes you smile? We all need a little something special. It doesn’t have to be big or expensive. It just needs to make you happy.

My challenge to you today is to look around and find a little something that fits this criteria. If you don’t find anything, go make or buy something. Have fun moving it around and experiencing the joy of the unexpected.

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