Necessary Tasks

I’ve been off my game of late. For those of you who have noticed, I apologize. I’m working on a project that has a hard deadline and it demands all my attention. Well, not really attention as it isn’t difficult, in fact it is very easy; too easy. And that is the problem.

A friend of mine has a business dyeing yarn. For those of you outside the yarn world, there are many talented people who make their living artistically dyeing soft, lovely yarn for knitters, crocheters, weavers and other fiber folks to use in their chosen craft. I am fortunate enough to know several of these talented folks. I agreed to crochet a sample for one such dyer for an upcoming fiber show. Crochet. Easy peasy, I can do that in my sleep. She got the project to me with plenty of time; the fault is not hers. No, I am the only one to blame for my current situation.

Boredom nearly always leads to procrastination which in turn leads to panic. And while I am not in a state of panic, I am not able to do, or think about, anything else at the moment. It is a dreadful situation. But, there is light at the end of this tunnel. I am nearing the end of the yarn which also means the end of the project.

When I am finished here, I will take my cup of tea into the kitchen where I will prepare a small breakfast to nourish my body for the work to follow. Crochet is work to me. I enjoy crocheting, but it always feels like work. I don’t blame the crochet, I have cast this dastardly shadow on a perfectly lovely activity by always trying to turn everything I enjoy into some kind of a business. When will I learn? Probably never.

Until next time, keep looking up, embrace today and go find some fun.

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