Focus, Focus, Focus

For, what seems to be a lifetime, I have allowed myself to be driven to distraction by current events. About the time I began this blog our world fell apart. I began with the vision of writing about what I do to build the life I want during this season of my life as well as the things I love to make that compliment this life.

Whenever I am distracted I wander off on a tangent and begin creating a wide variety of fantasy lives and seem to discover new “passions” every other day. My friends and family just roll with it. They know that ‘this too shall pass.’ Despite the election not being until tomorrow, today I am returning to my original vision. And where better to start than with wool and a crochet hook.

Hand spun yarn is as unique as the person who made it.

History of Crochet Home Decor

Crochet is one of the newest of the handcrafts. Evidence of its existence can only be documented as far back as the 1800’s. Crochet as we know it today can trace its origin to lace making as a cottage industry in Ireland. This allowed women and children to duplicate lace that was once only available to the elite now became available to ordinary people. Crochet at that time was not only a business but, in large part thanks to Queen Victoria, it became something ladies did in their leisure time.

Fast forward to the early to mid twentieth century, crochet became a way homemakers could affordably make their home more beautiful by making doilies, blankets, as well as table and kitchen accessories. In a time when frugality was a necessity, crochet became a tool for creativity and beauty. There are plenty of patterns available to show that crochet was also used to make clothing and fashion accessories, but the legacy that most remember are the crochet home decor items of their parents and grandparents. And this brings us to today.

We are living in a renaissance of handmaking. It is so exciting and I love seeing younger people desiring and valuing things that are unique and handmade.

Modern Crochet Home

I have crocheted on and off most of my life. I have followed trends and taken up many other crafts. While I enjoy them all, crochet is my home and I love to use crochet in my home.

I am working on redecorating my home and bringing a cohesive feel that is peaceful and soothing reflecting my love for nature. I will share more of this process on another day. But crochet figures prominently into this design vision. A comfortable, cozy environment that is filled with the things I love is my goal. Crochet items play a major roll in creating a cozy, comfortable and secure environment.

Future posts will cover the things that I make, why I choose wool, how you can use similar items no matter what your decorating style. I want to inspire and give you tools to make your home the beautiful and safe space you want it to be.

If you are on Instagram, I have created a new account: @thewoolenhookhome, come follow along. My personal account for all the things I make remains at @sherylmakes.

What Is Next Here

With the holidays coming and so many irons in the fire I have decided to only blog once a week. I will recap the week, what I’m doing and talk all things home and life.

Until next Monday, have a healthy and wonderful week.


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