A New Year, New Perspective

Welcome to 2021. It has been a long time since I last posted because I got tired of the politics, pandemic, and power grabs. I didn’t think I could coherently write anything that didn’t involve screaming and cursing – neither of which I do in my day to day life. Life in 2020 brought out behaviors in all of us that are not typical. What will the new year bring and how will I manage my life in the face of a world I no longer recognize.

Focus & Trust

Do not let your hearts be troubled. Believe in God, believe also in me.

John 14:1

Trust is something I have struggled with in my life. I don’t have anything huge that caused my struggle, but like most people the lumps and bumps of life left me disappointed. I came to realize that we, as humans, inherently fall short and let each other down, God never does that. His promises are fulfilled in accordance with his love and will for the world.

Despite not attending formal church services, my relationship with God has deepened in 2020. I trust him with everything and know that he watches over me. People in my life who do not believe in a loving and omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent God live in fear and do not trust that my lifestyle is safe. I respect their reticence and will continue to maintain my distance as I do not want to cause anxiety and fear.

Trusting God doesn’t mean I live recklessly. I wear the mask, I use the hand sanitizer and wash my hands regularly. What it means is that I don’t live in fear. God tells us to trust him and in our trust and faith there is no fear. But the key is we have to give up the fear. It is a choice to walk in faith and receive the blessing of internal peace and joy.

Live Free

It is my personal belief that the United States has moved into a period of restricted freedoms, censorship for political purposes, and I will not be surprised if the next four years builds on the this foundation.

While I will obey the rules, I will do it on my terms. I will not change how I live in my own home. I will safely gather with family that feels comfortable in my presence. I will support my community by shopping local whenever possible. This means I must take a critical look at my use of Amazon and other mega businesses.

Set Priorities and Develop New Habits

I have been inconsistent with my daily devotional time. While I pray without ceasing during the day, I have not been as available and dedicated to reading scripture and listening to God as I should. This changed in December. During Advent I was much more devoted and the result was a deepening of faith and a clearer vision of the year I was leaving behind as well as the year to come.

Clearer Vision

After many years of floundering around trying to carve out my niche in the fiber art/yarn world, I nearly gave up. I am comfortable not working, doing what I want when I want; yet I have this internal urge to do more. But what? I have come to see that the answer lies in writing and crochet.

I am a creative person and I must create, but for me I feel the pull to share with others. I am working on some of the answers and will share more next Monday. From now on, whenever humanly possible, I will write here every Monday. I hope to see you here next week.



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